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We service both commercial and residential; while using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and specially formulated cleaning chemicals and stain removers for the best results. We offer a range of services from steam cleaning carpet, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning. We also offer in-house area rug cleaning.  We provide water extraction services for indoor water leakage. We strive to provide professional courteous service in a timely manner for a fair price. The experienced technicians here can help turn your ideal residence into a reality.  Remember to have a look at our pictures and video to discover the quality of service we provide.

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Treating Carpet Stains Before Cleaning


While the carpet cleaning machine will remove quite a bit of grime and dust, the heat involved can also make stains harder to remove. You’ve probably experienced this yourself, having cleaned your carpet only to find the stains returning a few days later.

Why? Because the cleaning process forced the grime into the carpet pad, and then the carpet fibers wicked it out of the pad and back to the surface.

Here’s how to remove carpet stains to keep them from coming back. It’s the same method I used to get dried paint, old pet messes, and even mystery stains out of carpeting in my home.

How Often To Steam Clean Carpet


At a minimum, you need to steam clean your carpeting twice a year. Late Spring and Autumn are good times since the weather is typically warm enough that you can open windows to speed the drying process.

If you have pets or suffer from allergies, then you’ll want to steam clean your carpet every season to keep your carpets looking their best and reduce dust in your home.

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Professional Steam Cleaning

Why hire a carpet cleaner?

With the varying levels of intimacy you may experience with your flooring, it’s crucial that you keep your carpeting as clean as possible. There are several measures homeowners can take to reduce the need to clean including reducing foot traffic, vacuuming frequently and spot-treating stains.

However, there are certain advantages to hiring.

Not all carpets and rugs are cut from the same cloth. Depending on whether they’re wool or synthetic and how they’re made, carpets may require different treatments. Professionals will know which cleaning method to use.

You eliminate the need for carpet cleaner rental or buying carpet cleaning machines. Carpet cleaning machines sold in retail stores usually aren’t as effective as professional cleaners. You also can save yourself a trip to the carpet cleaner or steam cleaner rental facility, and you can use your limited storage space for other things.

Retail carpet cleaners don’t have sanitizing systems. Professional systems actually kill bacteria and dust mites lodged in your carpeting, which will help to keep your home clean and cut down on allergens.

Professionals have more understanding of stains and what it takes to remove them. Some cleaning products can actually make a stain worse if not used properly. Professionals are trained in the science behind removing stains, and will know which cleaning method to use without damaging your carpet.

Some professional cleaners use low-moisture equipment and techniques. One of the downsides of carpet cleaning is the amount of moisture left in the carpet, which can take up to a day to dry and even lead to mold growth.

Still, many homeowners attempt to save by cleaning themselves. With the proper equipment and experience, DIY carpet cleaning can save money, doesn't require a scheduled time and can fit more nicely around a busy schedule. Of course, homeowners have to actually complete the cleaning, which takes time and often comes at a greater expense than it's worth.


We use the newest and most innovative equipent.  Our cleaning solutions are top of the line and allow for low moisture cleaning.  


Deep Steam Cleaning

Why Deep Steam Cleaning Is Better Than Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning may require the application of chemicals to your carpet and even though you feel like it cleans the carpet well, it cannot get all the stains out. Stains usually stay and, to cover them up, companies like to use different chemicals to lighten the fabric of the carpet and make the stains less visible. Of course, after a few days, the super clean look wears out…

With deep steam cleaning all the persistent stains will be removed. The reason for it is very simple. Hot water enters carpet all the way and with a little help of environmentally friendly carpet cleaning chemicals, the stains come right out! And not just that, but also your carpet will be cleaning thoroughly – right to the bottom layers of it, which no other method of cleaning can guarantee!

Human and Pet Friendly Way Of Cleaning Carpets

When it comes to allergies and pets, deep steam cleaning may be the best method ever! It uses very little chemicals and sometimes may not even require the use of any.

Neither shampoo nor dry powder will lift the dirt as well as deep steam cleaning does. Hot water kills the bacteria, and it destroys mold, fungus and dust mites. As minimal chemicals are used with this method (if any), there is absolutely no harm to health (human or animal).

Will The Deep Steam Cleaning Ruin My Carpet?

No way! This method of cleaning is not aggressive. Of course, if your carpet is of bad quality it can get damaged, but no more than with any other cleaning method! The team at Family Clean treat your carpet with utmost care.

Next time you clean your carpet, stop to think. Your carpet can finally be super clean; your allergies can be relieved, the method is eco-friendly and can’t do you any harm. So, why not try deep steam carpet cleaning?


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